John Grapperhaus: Age 55- Open Water Swimmer/Triathlete/Fitness

When I first started working with Juliano Teruel, I was only looking for a trainer that would develop some workouts for me and hopefully, somehow, I would get faster in the water.

I have been very fortunate, as Juliano has proved to be all that. .and much more.

Just two (2) months into my programs, I realized I had lucked upon someone in Juliano, who cares genuinely and passionately about his athletes and their successes and personal progress.

He also has keen eye for the slightest nuances and subtleties in my stroke or my stride that are holding me back.  Furthermore, he always seems to have the right drills or exercises to break those old bad habits and integrate new ones, to make me better.

His Programs and Workouts are not only designed for my Short Term Goals and succeeding in immediately upcoming events, but also speak to my Longer Term Goals and incorporating other Personal Goals I have that are a Year or more away, still.

Juliano has quite an impressive resume, himself so it’s not like he’s just pulling his ideas and concepts out of Magazines or Books.  His programs and workouts are drawn directly from things that have worked for him as a Professional Athlete.  Furthermore, Juliano runs in the circles of other Elite Athletes.  Therefore, I often get little ideas or tips from The Very Best in World. .that I would never have any contact with - if I was on my own or working with someone else. 

And as I said at the onset, he’s the consummate professional.  Always on time.  Always prepared.  Always, thinking not only about “This Week” or “This Month” but also, “This Athlete” and “This Year”, “Next Year” and other Big Picture stuff.  He’s a man of his word who is dependable, honest, and fair and really knows his athletes and the business of making people better in MultiSports.