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A triathlon is an endurance sport event consisting of various distances. As a result, proficiency in swimming, cycling, or running alone is not sufficient to guarantee a triathlon athlete a competitive time. 


New to triathlon? Or have you been training and racing alone for years? Joining our team is the perfect way to meet like-minded friends and find new training partners through our group workouts. You will be amazed by how much you will learn from others and how you will benefit by being associated with something bigger than yourself.


Trained triathlon athletes have learned to race each stage in a way that preserves their energy and endurance for subsequent stages. 

Benefits and Services

Teruel Coaching provides the following products and services.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group training and fitness
  • Template nutrition and training plans
  • Learn what Professional Triathletes learn from their coaches.
  • Tailor a customized workout plan to be ready for your next competition.

Pain is temporary, greatness is forever. Forget failure, forget mistakes, forget everything except what you are going to do next.

CEO,  Juliano Teruel