Carol Urton: Age 56- Endurance Athlete/Author

I would recommend Juliano to anyone, no matter what your age or level of fitness- he’s gonna be there to help you improve. He’s just a really great coach, but beyond that he’s also a really great person who loves his clients and wants to help you succeed.

I met Juliano about 7 years ago at a triathlon, I was with a friend and got to talking to Juliano about just really improving what I was doing. I’ve been pretty active most of my life but had never done anything that intense before so I wanted to start training a little harder and needed guidance. I remember asking him what to do in a race when I was running and I was getting tired, and Juliano said if your tired just run faster. I’ve really implemented that in a lot of things that I’ve done where I feel like I’m going to be wiped out and all of a sudden I find that I do have more energy than I thought. 

I think Juliano really helped me with confidence and knowing that I can work hard and get better and faster and just endure. I did some races that were really hilly and I asked him if I should walk on the hills to save my energy for the flat parts; and he said “no, you run all the way!” It’s just really stuck with me all this time that I can go faster, I can keep going, I don’t have to stop… and really helped me get over the mental barriers that come with trying to accomplish something big like a triathlon.